Destination Rutherford

Since 2002, Destination Rutherford has provided significant job growth by attracting new and expanding current business, promoting tourism and increasing growth in the retail sector.

The current campaign will build on these successes to make sure our community continues to be a premier place to learn, live, work, play and operate a business.

Destination Rutherford is intended to serve all investors as the mechanism that pulls together the collective leadership of the Rutherford County public and private sectors in order to stimulate strategic economic growth.

Destination Rutherford 5.0

Destination Rutherford and forward-thinking elected officials and business leaders of the Rutherford County Chamber have helped create and lead economic development initiatives that advance the job opportunities for a skilled, educated, and innovative workforce in hopes that all citizens have the opportunity to prosper. Over the past five years alone, the Initiative has attracted more than $2 billion in capital investment and helped create, grow, and retain more than 7,400 primary jobs for the county.

As we roll into the next phase we want to address well-known, persisting challenges that stand in the way of our local businesses and families. These challenges include:
• The struggle to attract and retain talent
• Inadequate infrastructure supportive of the business investment
• Increasing regional, national, and global competition for businesses and jobs

Fountains at Gateway - Industrial Development in Tennessee and Economic Development in Murfreesboro, TN - Rutherford County

Destination Rutherford 5.0 Goals

Our team sought feedback and solutions from local, regional, and national experts and our public sector economic and workforce development partners to create Destination Rutherford 5.0.

This new five-year Initiative focuses on three primary goals, each supported by new and expanded strategies that will strengthen Rutherford County’s value proposition and drive positive economic growth.

Goal 1: Attract, Develop and Align Talent
Goal 2: Strengthen Job-Creating Infrastructure and Quality of Place
Goal 3: Grow High-Quality Jobs and Investment

Destination Rutherford 5.0 Investors