Work Ethic Distinction

Work Ethic Distinction
Career Readiness Credential

The Work Ethic Distinction is an easy way for all Rutherford County high school seniors to connect with hiring employers.

Recognized across the state of Tennessee, the Work Ethic Distinction allows high school seniors an expedited interviewing process with hiring employers. All students, whether going to college or straight to work, can benefit from earning this credential.

Why Earn a Work Ethic Distinction?

  • This distinction shows that a student is equipped for college and a career.
  • Students earn an automatic interview with participating employers across the state if they meet the minimum job requirements. So no matter where you live after high school, you can find employment in the state of Tennessee.
  • Students receive a diploma seal and an opportunity to wear green cords during their graduation ceremony, adding a bit more distinction to the special day.

Benefits to Employers

  • The Work Ethic Distinction connects employers with recent graduates who possess verified technical and soft skills.
  • Employers can promote job opportunities to credentialed students through a secure, online portal.
  • Employers expand their talent pool by guaranteeing an interview to prepared students who earn the distinction and meet the minimum requirements for an open position.

Ready to Sign Up?

To earn the Work Ethic Distinction, students have to create a account. This database is the state-wide system for tracking work ethic distinction and diploma credentials. Employers use this system to verify the credential and fill open positions across the entire state.

Want a peek at the standards before setting up your account or have questions about setting up your account? View the standards and instructions below.

Get Involved as an Employer

Reach recent graduates who've earned the Work Ethic Distinction by signing up below.

Employers who participate in the Work Ethic Distinction program recruit from a pool of attractive potential hires who have already demonstrated their work ethic and agree to interview credential recipients who meet the minimum requirements for an open position.

Participating Employer List

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School Points of Contact

School Points of Contact