Designing The Future

Technology has transformed our lives in a short matter of time. Long gone are the days of waiting by the phone for an important call or even waiting for your favorite song to come on the radio. We can now carry our camera, planner, TV, radio, and even airline boarding passes on our phones.

Technology also works behind the scenes to ensure our WiFi internet works around the clock and our online shopping orders are processed quickly. We can even use wearable technology such as smartwatches to improve our quality of life.

The world is wide open to technological innovation in every arena, from health care to manufacturing. From medical equipment to robotics to cyber security - an IT career can give you opportunities to start, grow, and prosper in Middle Tennessee.

In-demand Industries
Rutherford County Tech Jobs Snapshot

Computer User Support Specialists

Trade Certificate or Associate’s Degree

500 Annual Openings


Software Developers, Applications

Bachelor’s Degree

340 Annual Openings


Software Developers, System Software

Bachelor’s Degree

210 Annual Openings


Computer Systems Analyst

Bachelor’s Degree

315 Annual Openings


Network and Computer Systems Admins

Bachelor’s Degree

185 Annual Openings

$78, 603

Web Developers

Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree

95 Annual Openings


Developing a Plan to Secure Tech Employment

Technology careers are cropping up all over Middle Tennessee.

The IT landscape offers many career opportunities spanning from entry-level help desk technicians to experienced IT Security Analysts.

If you want to make a difference in the way the world works, you can find IT positions spanning areas such as supply chain distribution, health care support, infrastructure, software solutions and more.

The soft and technical skills that will make you attractive to information technology recruiters include critical thinking, communication, creativity, computer and graphic literacy, analytical skills and mathematical understanding. Our high schools, technical, community, and four-year colleges can prepare you with the skills needed to land a high-demand job in this sector.


Growth in tech jobs from 2015-2020 in Middle Tennessee

40 %

of regional tech roles are held by women.


above the median compensation across all occupations in Middle Tennessee

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