Jumpstart Job Fair

High School Jumpstart Job Fair

The Jumpstart Job Fair connects juniors and seniors with employers offering part-time and full-time employment, internships and work-based learning opportunities.

All juniors and seniors within Rutherford County are invited to attend the Jumpstart Job Fair!

The 2023 Jumpstart Job Fair happened on April 4 at TCAT Smyrna!

Get hired at the Jumpstart Job Fair.

Whether attending college in the fall or looking to start a career right after high school, this student job fair offers graduating seniors access to paid internships, full-time and part-time positions. High school juniors can secure work-based learning or part-time work opportunities.

The 2023 Jumpstart Job Fair occurred on April 4 from 9 am until 2 pm at TCAT Smryna!

School Contacts

Blackman High SchoolJeanette Noffsingernoffsingerj@rcschools.net
Central Magnet SchoolJackie Crawley Harrisoncrawleyharrisonj@rcschools.net
Daniel-McKee SchoolElizabeth Abedabede@rcschools.net
Eagleville SchoolLibby Sledgesledgel@rcschools.net
Holloway High SchoolDawn Powellpowelld@rcschools.net
LaVergne High SchoolBobby Farleyfarleyb@rcschools.net
Oakland High SchoolTBATBA
Riverdale High SchoolPenny Kellkellp@rcschools.net
Rockvale High SchoolRachel Nicholsnicholsra@rcschools.net
Siegel High SchoolStacie AndersenAndersenS@rcschools.net
Smyrna High SchoolCarrie Ottottc@rcschools.net
Smyrna West SchoolRonald Whitmorewhitmorer@rcschools.net
Stewarts Creek High SchoolMarlena Dixondixonm@rcschools.net
Virtual SchoolJennifer Courtneycourtneyj@rcschools.net

Expand your talent pool at the Jumpstart Job Fair.

Employers hiring for full-time, part-time, summer internships and work-based learning opportunities were invited to recruit juniors and graduating high school seniors.

Students prepare for the event by attending resume building, interview skills, and business dress workshops.

What is work-based learning? Work-based learning occurs as part of the standard school day and consists of approved work opportunities for classroom credit. It provides students with a hands-on work opportunity aimed at easing the transition into work-life after high school or college graduation while developing hard and soft skills.

Who qualifies for work-based learning? Only qualified high school juniors will have the opportunity to participate in and be recruited for work-based learning positions. Work-based learning programs require students to be at least 16 years old. Minors may work in Tennessee at the age of 15, see Tennessee Child Labor Laws {T.C.A. 50-5-105}. For more information on Work-based learning in Tennessee, visit TN.gov Work-based Learning website.

Space for this FREE event is limited. Registration includes one six-foot table and two chairs.