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How do we produce talent pipelines?
We nurture partnerships and produce innovative business solutions to grow talent locally.
The resources below were created to build talent pipelines, fill open positions, and upskill existing talent to strengthen and sustain the workforce.

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Starting early as elementary school, we’ve offered opportunities for business introductions through classroom projects and student competitions.

As students advance through middle and high school, we provide educator experiences, student career fairs, job-shadowing opportunities, work-based learning programs, and more.

Why? Because students, which are your future workforce, can’t plan to be logistics managers, quality-control technicians, civil engineers or anything else if they’ve never heard of it.

Current K-12 Programs

Career Pathways Partnership

Connect with students and educators to build job awareness, introduce skills requirements and hire students as they graduate from high school and college.

Career Pathway Fair

Introduce your industry to 8th graders during a half-day experience highlighting local career opportunities, career planning and career progression.

Work Ethic Distinction

Directly access graduating high school seniors and verify their soft skills mastery before scheduling a job interview.

JumpStart Job Fair

Hire high school seniors to fill entry-level positions and build your talent pipeline by creating work-based learning opportunities for high school juniors.

Educator Externship

Create a job-aware workforce by engaging teachers in a two-week immersive job shadowing experience that translates to student understanding of soft skills, technical skills and workplace etiquette.

Tours, Job Shadowing and Field Trips

Create lasting impressions with students and educators by providing an in-building experience showcasing your facility, careers with real-world skills.

Ready to Dig In?

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Cultivating Adult Talent

As we all know, cultivating talent has to continue past high school. Just as you provide water for plants to grow, you have to invest in people so they advance, and business remains profitable. We work with higher education partners, training institutions and industry professionals to create opportunities for businesses to access, upskill and reskill talent.

Current Hiring, Upskilling and Retention Programs

Rutherford Works Industry Councils

Local business leaders and supervisors from high-demand industries collaborating on solutions that address local workforce challenges and opportunities.

ACT Work Ready Communities (WRC)

Employers can measure skills, train employees and match skills to jobs for recruiting and advancement via proctored tests that measure workplace skills and work readiness across industries and occupations leading to a National Career Readiness Certificate® (NCRC).

Frontline Leadership Training

A supervisor training program that focuses on coaching skills to improve retention and upskilling your current workforce.

Rutherford Works Hiring Expo

The largest one-day hiring event in Rutherford County, Tennessee. Employers can even interview and hire on-site. Higher education partners also advertise adult degree programs and certifications to assist attendees with degree attainment.

Specialized Training with Higher Education Partners

Training courses in a wide variety of industrial, high-tech, office, and health-care jobs to create career progression opportunities for current or future employees.

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