Our Workforce Development Conference

We Grow Talent Workforce Summit

December 2, 2022

TCAT Smyrna

7:30 am - Noon

Discover ways to overcome talent shortages by diversifying your portfolio of talent acquisition, development, and retention strategies.



Event Overview

Finding the right talent to fill job vacancies across Middle Tennessee has been a consistent challenge in recent years. Low unemployment combined with a rapidly changing workforce landscape has presented an opportunity to reevaluate how we attract, acquire, develop and retain talent across all industries.

Middle Tennessee employers who are interested in addressing these challenges through sustainable workforce solutions are welcome to join Rutherford Works for the We Grow Talent Summit at TCAT Smyrna on Friday, December 2!

During this half-day conference, attendees will rotate through sessions led by workforce and education professionals who have implemented successful talent acquisition, development, and retention practices. These presentations will provide attendees with strategies and resources to replicate these proven programs.

The We Grow Talent Summit is free to attend.

Opening Session

Assessing our Approach to Talent Acquisition and Retention

The competition for talent is at an all-time high. Have you adapted your recruitment and retention strategies to succeed within the evolving employment landscape? Many of us have discovered that relying on traditional tactics provides inconsistent results in this new environment.

Join in as we discuss why existing practices can't deliver the results we need and how we can move forward to find success in recruiting talent, business partnerships, manager enablement and creating trust with the leadership team.

Presented by: Chris Nichols, Vice President of Strategy and Integration, Job.com

Chris Nichols is the Vice President of Strategy and Integration for Job.com. In this role, Chris is responsible for aligning current and future acquisition in the Job.com portfolio and propelling growth across markets. Prior to joining Job.com, Chris served as a Vice President at endevis, where he was responsible for refining and unifying strategies in business development, marketing, and recruitment operations. Additionally, he hosts and produces the Talent Tide Podcast, powered by endevis, where he discusses the most challenging topics in talent and HRTech with industry leaders. He resides in Murfreesboro, TN, with his wife Hayley & 3 daughters.

Breakout Sessions

Best in Class – Creating Education Partnerships that Produce Strong Talent Pipelines

There are over 60,000 students across Rutherford County's educational institutions. That's the size of a small city. Learn how to tap into this workforce pipeline by providing job preparation and experience.

Are You Leaving Talent on the Table? 3 Strategies to Expand Your Candidate Pool

Are your everyday processes keeping you from hiring perfectly capable candidates? Let's break down these hiring barriers and highlight how to connect with often overlooked populations.

Who Knew? Now You Do. Funding & Training Resources You Have Access To

Employers, employees, and job seekers have access to a wealth of untapped resources. Join in to learn how to access, apply for and utilize these funding and training opportunities.