Career Pathways Fair

8th Grade Career Pathways Fair

In the State of Tennessee, students are required to complete at least three credits in one CTE Pathway or the ROTC, Fine Arts, or AP Pathways. The middle school career pathway fair was designed to help 8th-grade students choose a high school pathway using their YouScience Aptitude and Interest Assessment results.

Through YouScience, 8th graders have a more in-depth look at what skills they possess, what careers correlate with those skills, and the 8th grade career pathway shows them which high school classes can prepare them for a particular occupation.

By exposing students to their high school options before they pick their classes, parents and students are able to make more informed choices related to the educational and career choices that are available.

How It Works

8th graders select four CTE pathway study areas from their zoned high school they wish to explore. Students are encouraged to pick CTE pathways based on their YouScience results.

On the day of the event, students rotate between classes and participate in sessions featuring one CTE student, one CTE instructor, and one Rutherford County industry partner.

During the session, they receive information on what the high school pathway encompasses and potential careers in that pathway. During this time, students are encouraged to take notes, ask questions and discuss the day with parents, so they are well-prepared for the freshman class selection process.

The 2022 8th Grade Career Pathways Fair will happen at all Rutherford County Schools on March 2, 2022.

During the Career Pathways Fair, students rotate between classes and participate in sessions featuring Career & Technical (CTE) education students, CTE teachers, and working professionals. This year students will rotate to classes based on their YouScience results, but each session will include virtual classroom visits due to the COVID-19 pandemic.