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Destination Rutherford Campaign

Destination Rutherford accomplishes its mission by:

Creating a center of commerce and innovation for Rutherford County that provides an unmatched quality of life.

Advancing job opportunities for a skilled, educated and innovative workforce.

Ensuring that all citizens prosper as a result of the county leadership’s creative strategic thinking and action.


 Destination Rutherford 5-Year Goals

Goal 1: Create 10,000 new primary jobs
Goal 2: Assist 200 existing businesses in expansion, workforce training, and support
Goal 3: Assist in the location of 50 new companies
Goal 4: Encourage an increase in capital investment of $1.25 billion
Goal 5: Increase tourism revenue by 5% per year
Goal 6: Implement an investor relations strategy that keeps investors informed and engaged



Destination Rutherford Case Statement