FirstBank Mortgage

FirstBank Mortgage takes families to better places by reaching their home goals and needs.

Helping Others Get to a Better Place

At FirstBank Mortgage, our core purpose is to help other people get to a “better place”. That “better place” may be the fulfillment that comes by helping to pay for their kid’s college tuition, helping with medical bills of a family member, or going on that vacation that they used to think was impossible. That “better place” may be getting out of an apartment complex and into a home with a fenced-in backyard and swing set so their young daughter feels safe. That “better place” may be for a single mom, who is willing to sacrifice every luxury she knows, to buy a home in a zip code that virtually ensures her children’s education. That “better place” may be a home which will serve as the backdrop for family memories for generations to come.


5046 Boyd Drive
Murfreesboro TN 37129


Contact: Megan Henley
Phone: (615) 631-5289

Available For

Participate in a Rutherford Works 8th Grade Career Pathway Fair
Assist in judging classroom or extra-curricular activities.