Are you looking for a thriving business environment with endless opportunities? Look no further than Rutherford County! This bustling region in Tennessee is experiencing a boom in various industries, making it an exciting hub for entrepreneurs and job seekers alike.

With a remarkable 5% increase in employment growth over the past year alone, Rutherford County is definitely the place to be for anyone looking to ride the wave of success. So, let’s dive in and explore the growing industries that are shaping the future of this vibrant county!

Below are the five top industries that are leading the way in Rutherford County:

  1. Manufacturing 
  2. Construction 
  3. HealthCare 
  4. Information Technology (IT)
  5. Supply Chain


Are you looking for a career path that offers stability, growth, and a chance to contribute to everyday conveniences? Look no further than the manufacturing industry in Rutherford County.

This industry plays a vital role in our daily lives, from the vehicles we drive to the pens we write with. And with technology driving innovation, the opportunities in clean manufacturing and high-tech positions are on the rise.

In the bustling towns of Murfreesboro, Smyrna, and La Vergne, you’ll find a diverse range of companies and career paths to explore. Whether you’re interested in medical equipment, cosmetics, or even minivan production, the manufacturing sector in Rutherford County has it all. Not only will you have the chance to start and grow your career, but you’ll also thrive in a safe and well-regulated environment.


As more and more people move to Rutherford County, there’s a need for skilled professionals who can help build the infrastructure necessary to support this growth. From residential homes to commercial buildings, the construction industry is booming in this region.

Whether you’re an experienced tradesperson or just getting your start, the construction industry offers a variety of career paths to choose from. You can specialize in carpentry, masonry, electrical work, and HVAC systems. Not only will you have the chance to develop specialized skills and experience on-the-job training, but you’ll also enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your hard work come to life.


In Rutherford County, TN, the healthcare industry is growing rapidly. With innovative technologies and cutting-edge treatments, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations are constantly in need of qualified professionals to join their teams. From doctors and nurses to medical coders and administrative staff, there’s a wide variety of career paths in this field.

And if you don’t want to work in a hospital or clinic, you can always work in medical equipment manufacturing, medical research and innovation, pharmaceuticals, or inventory management.

No matter which path you choose, you’ll be part of a field that makes a real difference in the lives of others. You’ll also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are helping improve people’s health and well-being.

Information Technology (IT)

Do you want to design the future of Tennessee? If so, a career in the information technology (IT) industry may be for you. As technology advances, more and more organizations are looking to hire IT professionals to help create and maintain their online presence. From developing websites and mobile applications to managing networks, databases, and servers, there are a variety of job opportunities available for those with the right skills.

In Rutherford County, information technology professionals can work in various industries, from healthcare and manufacturing to government agencies and retail. With the right qualifications, you can find yourself working on some of the most exciting and innovative projects in the region.

Supply Chain

Going to the grocery store and picking up a carton of milk can often feel like nothing more than a mundane task. But behind the scenes, Tennessee’s vast supply chain network keeps shelves stocked and goods moving. Supply chain professionals play an important role in ensuring that products get from producers to consumers, often making the difference between a satisfied customer and an unhappy one.

Rutherford County has plenty of opportunities for those with experience in supply chain management. From overseeing the movement of goods to managing distribution centers and warehouses, supply chain professionals are essential for ensuring that stores have the products they need when they need them. Whether you want to live in Murfreesboro, Smyrna or La Vergne, there are plenty of supply chain management jobs available in the area.

Workforce Development in Rutherford County

When it comes to finding jobs in middle Tennessee, Rutherford County is a great place to find work. With its diverse range of industries, from healthcare and manufacturing to information technology and supply chain management, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a recent graduate looking for your first job or an experienced professional seeking new opportunities, Rutherford County offers a wide range of employment possibilities. So don’t wait – start exploring what we have to offer! 

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