Rutherford county has experienced great changes over the years, its vibrant streets filled with a multitude of activities. Along with its exciting atmosphere, there’s a plethora of history shared within community centers, rich photographs captured on yearbooks, stories showcasing local folk figures like nobody else can. All these elements give Rutherford uniqueness that surpasses other similar locations in Tennessee. You are able to feel the vibrant eastern rural lifestyle everywhere you look!

Rutherford County is the geographical center of Tennessee and it offers much more than just its location. Families can expect a great quality of life thanks to the hard work of the county commission in developing thriving business communities and corporate hubs. 

In turn, Rutherford County can offer excellent parks and recreational centers where children can socialize and enhance their health. Education systems remain strong, offering students secure paths toward successful futures. Here’s a list of enchanting neighborhoods that make Rutherford County an irresistible destination.


Take a journey through centuries of history by exploring a myriad of Murfreesboro’s traditional architectural designs. Nestled in the center of Rutherford County, this city masterfully weaves together old world charm and modern vibrancy – heights embodied well pre-Civil War homes. Allow yourself to be swept back in experienced time when roaming the depths of Oakland Historic House Museum. Let the delightfully powerful past reverberate throughout these mystical halls. But there is much more to uncover than historic tales, why not make your way to Saturday Market Square? Here you’re sure to find sprawling galleries with artisanal wants and needs as well as tantalizing edible delights every step of the way. Whether it is timeless memories or memories yet to be made—the endless opportunities amidst this vibrant city are yours for the captivating.

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The vibrant town of Smyrna is a dynamic community that radiates warmth and friendliness, making it an ideal place to call home. If you are a water enthusiast, Percy Priest Lake is open for boating, fishing, and picnicking along the shore. Embrace the town’s rich aviation heritage at the Smyrna Air Museum, where history comes alive through captivating exhibits.

The Smyrna market is mostly single-family homes, newer subdivisions with charming architecture, and beautiful yards gracing the neighborhood. The upcoming townhomes are set to be a significant site by the end of the year.

La Vergne

La Vergne’s peaceful atmosphere and scenic beauty make it an oasis of calm within Rutherford County. Nestled along the banks of Percy Priest Lake, La Vergne is a neighborhood that offers a tranquil escape from bustling city life. The nature at the Hurricane Creek Recreation Area breathtakingly displays the picturesque trails wind through lush greenery. You will marvel at the breathtaking views from the Percy Priest Dam, where the convergence of land and water creates a sight to behold.


Not far from La Vergne stands Shelbyville, a charming example of Southern history and gracious living. It is here you can feel the true spirit of contentment that resounds throughout the town. Standing since 1913, unfolding its vibrant equestrian past each day, Shelbyville captures the essence of what it means to live in the South. With its cozy surroundings and colorful culture – now encapsulated on Harrison Boulevard at Shelbyville Square – this place many townsmen are proud to call home. 

When considering an amazing event to witness the splendor of majestic creatures, then it has to be the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration that takes place every year in the summertime. Experience the beauty up close, along with the traditions celebrated here too! Inside the square, local boutiques line one side, displaying artifacts and story pieces for visitors; across are several eateries clad in smiling waiters providing guests with steaming plates full of their famous dishes appreciated by all who come here. The atmosphere is fun yet purposeful and welcoming to everyone who sets foot in these lands of peace.


Nolensville is a picturesque suburb graced with small-town with charming streets adorned with quaint shops and cozy cafes, perfect for a leisurely afternoon. Outdoor enthusiasts will relish the abundance of parks and green spaces, such as the scenic Nolensville Park, offering a sanctuary for relaxation and recreation. Nolensville’s close-knit community and family-friendly atmosphere create a peaceful and beautiful haven for those seeking a peaceful suburban lifestyle.


Located on the county’s southern edge, Christiana is a rural community dotted with horse farms and country churches, creating a beautiful scenery for countryside lovers. The neighborhood mostly rolls with single-family homes and farms. While large tracts of farming land take the bigger pie, smaller footprints keep growing as more businesses make their way into Christiana streets.

Christiana is a good spot if you are looking to adopt a peaceful and quiet lifestyle. The residents here enjoy grabbing a bite and drinks while listening to country music or bluegrass at the locals and wineries.

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