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Technology Solutions Competition


Sustainable Technology Solutions Competition

Date: December 3, 2020

Time: 5 - 8 pm

Location: TCAT Smyrna | 663 Ken Pilkerton Dr, Smyrna, TN 37167

By participating in the Sustainable Technology Solutions Competition students will have the opportunity to come together, innovate and solve real-world challenges that impact our community and our planet.

Students will:

  • be challenged to think critically
  • utilize science and math skills
  • discover connections between technology and design
  • solve real-world problems
  • work in teams to strengthen collaborative and social skills

The Purpose: 

This competition serves to grow interest in tech careers and to more specifically, attract non-traditional middle school students into the technology careers pipeline through high school CTE Networking, Cyber Security, and Computer Science Pathways with subsequent enrollment into college and career tracks in the fields of Information Technology, Computer Science and Computer Engineering. 

How Do I Get Started? 

1. Build A Team - Teams must consist of at least six (6) students and have a teacher as a sponsor. This competition is open to all 6-8 grade students across Rutherford County. 

2. Pick A Problem - Identify a problem based on the theme that is revealed on October 1. 

3. Make A Plan - Rely on the diverse skills of your team to find a creative and innovative tech solution to the selected problem. Your solution can be a concept or a prototype. 

4. Pitch Your Idea - Bring your A-game and pitch your solution to our panel of judges in a Shark Tank style competition. 

5. Win Big - Participants will compete for awards, cash prizes and the grand trophy!

The Big Reveal!

For the 2019 STS Competition, middle schools students are challenged to solve an environmental problem facing their community in Tennessee

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According to a new study released by the Tennessee Department of Economic Development in January 2019, the Nashville Metropolitan area has seen a 35% increase in the number of jobs created in the tech services career cluster. Nashville’s average annual wages for this industry cluster is $90,706 is 67% above the metro area’s average wage for all industries.

It is estimated that across the United States, 1.8 million tech jobs will go unfilled by 2024. Why? Because not enough students are studying in a tech services related pathway or program of study.



  • 1. Rutherford County Middle Schoolers will be responsible for creating a sustainable technology-based solution for a given problem.

  • 2. A notebook, video, and live presentation will be created and produced by each participating team.

  • 3. Each team must have at least 1 teacher as the responsible party and can be made up of no less than 6 members. There is no maximum amount of team members, but please note that each team member must play a specified role in the project.

  • 4. Each team will be given $150 to finance their solution. Teams cannot exceed the funding use of more than $250 on their solution.

  • 5. Points will be awarded for successful completion of tasks based on notebook, video, and presentation guidelines

  • 6. Each team will be judged on their notebook, video and presentation. ALL team members must have outlined jobs but all do not have to participate in the video or presentation of their team’s solution.

  • 7. The final top 3 teams will get to present their solution to our panel of sharks who will choose the winning team!



  • August 8th: Teachers begin building teams
  • October 1st: Problem revelaed
  • October 31st: Registration closes
  • November 22nd: Notebooks and Videos to be submitted
  • December 2nd: Notebook and Video scoring finalized
  • December 3rd: Competition and Presentation Day at TCAT Smyrna
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