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8th Grade Career Pathway Fairs




The middle school career pathway fair was designed to help 8th-grade students make a more informed choice on which Career & Technical Education Pathway they plan to study during high school based on their YouScience Aptitude and Interest Assessment results. 

In the State of Tennessee, students are required to complete at least three credits in one CTE Pathway or the ROTC, Fine Arts, or AP Pathways.

As part of this program, 8th graders are allowed to select four CTE pathway study areas from their zoned high school that they'd like to explore. They are encouraged to pick the CTE pathways based on their YouScience results. On the day of the event, students rotate between classes and participate in sessions featuring one CTE student, one CTE instructor, and one Rutherford County industry partner where they are presented with information on what the pathway encompasses and what a career in the industry could entail. During this time, students are encouraged to take notes, ask questions and discuss their day with parents, so they can best plan their high school freshman schedules, which happen in the early spring. 

By providing 8th graders with a more in-depth look at what skills they possess through YouScience and a direct correlation to what high school classes and potential careers are available through CTE pathways, students and parents are able to make more informed choices related to the educational and career choices that are available.  


 2019 Pathway Fair Dates


October 22nd

Rocky Fork & Thurman Francis

October 23rd

Whitworth- Buchanan

October 29th


October 30th


November 5th

Stewarts Creek

November 6th


November 12th

Rock Springs

November 13th


November 19th


November 20th


December 3rd


December 4th

Daniel McKee

January 24th

 Sector Sheet Downloads

Rutherford Works Advanced Manufacturing Pathway Sector Sheet
Rutherford Works Construction Pathway Sector Sheet
Rutherford Works Health Science Pathway Sector Sheet
Rutherford Works Information Technology Pathway Sector Sheet
Rutherford Works Supply Chain Pathway Sector Sheet
Agriculture Sector Sheet - Pearson ACTE
Arts, Audio/Visual Technology, Communications & Media Sector Sheet - Pearson ACTE
Finance Sector Sheet - Pearson ACTE
Hospitality & Tourism Sector Sheet- Pearson ACTE
Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security Sector Sheet- Pearson ACTE
Transportation Sector Sheet - Pearson ACTE

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