Work Ethic Distinction



The purpose of the Work Ethic Distinction is to address the needs that industry has for employees who have both technical and employability/soft skills.  The Work Ethic Distinction is a proactive solution to the challenge employers have in hiring individuals who are prepared for the world of work.  Students who obtain this distinction are proving that they are both college and career ready.  To receive the Work Ethic Distinction a student must earn a minimum of 20 points out of a possible 40 points on the industry developed employability standards and a regular high school diploma.  Earning a Work Ethic Distinction and meeting job-related requirements will guarantee an interview with participating Rutherford County employers.  

Download: Rutherford County Work Ethic Distinction Standards

The Rutherford County Chamber and Rutherford Works are partnering with Rutherford County Schools to support students earning this distinction by recruiting companies who will guarantee an interview to students who have earned this distinction and who meet the job specific requirements for an open position.  

Click Here to see our Work Ethic Distinction employer list.

Getting Involved

To join this initiative, please fill out short form in the link below.  Your logo will appear on the printed Rutherford County Work Ethic Distinction folder which each senior will receive in August and your logo, hyperlinked to your website, will appear on the Rutherford Works website.

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Participating Work Ethic Distinction Employers